The Third Big Myth of Digital Marketing

There can be confusion about the difference between digital marketing and online marketing – they are often used interchangeably. While online marketing is channels such as websites and social media, digital marketing includes all devices and platforms.

MYTH: Digital = Online

We’ve already seen that social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are the new hang out spots. People interact with their online communities and share the experiences.Even the experiences they’ve had offline. So the truth is digital is everywhere, it’s in your pocket

We “record” our lives and update the world about it. So don’t be mistake by thinking that
the audience is looking for your brand’s specific content. The main reasons they’ll turn to
your brand’s platforms is to get more information, feedback about your product, and most
frequently, to vent about their offline experiences with your brand.

84% of customers say that the most important factor when choosing a bank is customer
service. This is not only true for financial institutions – customer service affects product
parity in every industry, because most markets are saturated with almost identical products
and services. Customer experience, both on and offline, will be the defining factor in making
your brand stand out. It’s what drives preference, loyalty and endorsement.

REALITY: Digital is always there

Social media has created a space where everyone is on display, all the time. And that
includes brands. Over 30 million Kenyans have access to the internet, and a magic wand
which has the power to instantly change offline experiences into online ones… a smart

Digital is omnipresent – it’s in your customers’ pocket, on their desk at work, and on their
laps as they relax at home. Your digital strategy should take advantage of this omnipresence.
Find opportunities to provide value to your customer at every stage of interaction they have
with your product. Your focus should go beyond what you are broadcasting on your
channels, into how it makes your customers feel and how it shapes their experiences.
Because we all know, whether it’s a great experience or an awful one, sooner or later it will
find its way online.

Here are some suggestions to maximize on digital:

Ask yourself what can be removed, sped up or simplified along each step of your

Consider how to build consistency across all customer contact points, both online
and offline

In areas where you lack capacity, partner with other brands – leverage each other’s
propositions to create a better package and better experiences.

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