The Second Big Myth of Digital Marketing

MYTH 2: Digital = Social Media Channel

The large audiences present on social media channels and their ability to deliver targeted
messages make them very attractive for marketers. In Kenya, active social media users
increased by over 30% from 2016 to 2017, and 80% use the internet for personal use every
single day (Hootsuite, 2017). So, we can see why this might be a justifiable choice.

If you are thinking about how to divide your marketing budget, consider these statistics:

Average cost per click for online ads has increased by 150% over a 3-year period

Research shows that 23% of Kenyans internet users download ad blockers

On average, video ad completion rates (how many people watch more than 50% of an ad, or,
you know… use the ‘Skip Ad” button) are only between 10-20%

So, are you really getting the maximum bang for your buck if you spend it all on digital ads?

REALITY: Digital = Content Channel

Digital media is a content channel, and one with a lot of potential at a low cost. All you have
to do to leverage on it is give your consumers what they want.

Nobody opens Facebook, YouTube or WhatsApp in search of ads. They are laughing at viral
videos and memes, listening to music, learning about things that interest them and keeping
up with what’s going on in the world.

If you want sustainable engagement that will create better quality leads, the best way to
achieve this is by creating original, entertaining, shareable content that consumers actually
want to see. Time it right and make it “native” to the platform to the platform and content
consumption patterns on those platforms.

The numbers speak for themselves:

8 million YouTube video views per second

100 million YouTube video views per month

12 million WhatsApp users

Research shows that native content is more likely to increase sales revenue and deliver ten
times as much ROI than paid advertisement. Eventually, there will be no difference between
your content and your ads. We aren’t saying that paid advertisement is a waste of time – it
has its benefits. But you may want to use it to get short term engagement, complemented
by great content that glues customers to your brand and helps to build long term

Start planning how you can incorporate this into your digital marketing strategy and see how
quickly and drastically your engagement increases.

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