The First Big Myth of Digital Marketing

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The past decade has seen us reap the benefits of low cost data, smartphones, fiber optic backbones and one of the worlds most advanced mobile economies.

This is the age of mobile everything , phones loans, stocks , rent, bills it’s the age where you can do almost everything online, shop, order in, renew your license and even pay your taxes.

Digital isn’t a niche anymore, it is still the frontier but it is part and parcel of the daily lives of most urban millennials holders of a significant chunk of the disposable income in this country.

You probably have already started investing in engaging your customers on a digital platform

How is it working out for you? Are sales targets being met? Is it getting cheaper as you go along like you had been promised? Can you track ROI on a post?

In our ten years’ experience in the ‘digital’ field we have noticed that there are certain assumptions that are still being made about digital.

In the first big myth of our four part series we look at the big one, Social.

MYTH 1: Being on Social Media = Increased Sales

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we mention going digital?

For a lot of brands and marketers two words resonate true: “Social Media”

It is a justifiable choice, there is a large audience on social and its ability to deliver targeted messages to specific audiences is better than any other channel.

So like many brands you will or have already launched a social media page and started paying an agency or have employed someone to “post “ your products on your pages , hoping that that will increase awareness and hence increase sales

Has it worked? Or have you noticed that if you don’t pay for reach you won’t get any?
Or that even when you do get reach its almost impossible to answer what likes, shares and retweets mean for your bottom line?

REALITY: On Social you sell your brand not your products

What do you spend time doing on social media? Is it chatting, posting, stalking or endlessly scrolling while smiling at the funny memes?

Or do you watch promoted ads?

For most people social is a place where they go to be entertained or informed. They are either looking for something specific e.g an event date or they have some free time and nothing better to do
Perhaps this isn’t the right time to interrupt someone with your sales pitch.

This your time to:
– Be remembered more often than your competition because your content was funny and entertaining.
– Build a reputation of prompt and friendly customer support on a very cost effective channel.
– Show that you are human and care for them, so that they forgive your – mistakes.
– Pay attention to the data so you can build a better profile of your customer.

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