The Age of Influence

The Perks of Being an Influencer: Why you should take the leap

We’ve already talked about why brands should care about influencer marketing, but what about the other side? If you are a great storyteller with a passion for something worth sharing, being an influencer might be the thing for you.

First off, let’s answer this: Who is an influencer?

Anyone, anywhere can be an influencer. They range from celebrities to experts in specific fields, to Instagram models and lifestyle bloggers. What makes them influential is their large following on the web and social media. They can influence opinions and buying decisions of a specific group of people by demonstrating their knowledge and expertise in a specific subject and distributing the content on their own platforms.

Influencer marketing is a relatively new channel in Kenya – both brands and influencers find it difficult to effectively utilize it and leverage on its opportunities. Most influencers treat it as a side hustle but aspire to make it a full-time career because of their expertise in a particular field and because they enjoy developing content around it.

But there’s good news. We are seeing a steady increase on influencer marketing spend (around 15-17% over the last 3 years). That coupled with a move by brands towards native advertisement, has led to the dawn of a new era. We like to call it, The Age of Influence.


Influencer Marketing Spend (Kenya)

If you’ve been considering it but are not convinced, we’ve come up with a few benefits that will help you decide to take the leap:

1. Get paid to do what excites you
We already know that average spend on influencer marketing is growing, and brands are in the market for partners. If you love storytelling and creating content, you can find a brand that resonates with your lifestyle, and get paid to talk about what you love.

2. Flexibility
You will have deadlines, of course, but you won’t be bound by a 9-5 job. This gives you time to foster your creativity, and has the added benefit of allowing a better work/life balance – especially appealing for those with children.

3. Free stuff
While this might not seem as important as cold, hard, cash it’s a fun perk nonetheless. Think stays at luxury hotels, first access to new restaurants, testing out cool gadgets and backstage passes to events. Obviously, some industries are more exciting than others, but who doesn’t love a freebie.

4. Use your platform to educate people about things you care about
Are you concerned about declining wildlife populations? Or secondary education for girls in rural areas? Once you have a loyal following, you can create awareness about things that matter to you outside your normal range of influence.

5. Build and connect with a likeminded community
Aside from selling your personal brand, your platform would enable you to connect with people you would not be able to otherwise. Your content can inspire people and this gratification makes all your hard work feel worth it.

But remember, the life of an influencer is not all glitz and glam. It takes hard work and dedication, and you’ll need to constantly create high quality content that resonates with your followers. You will also have to be up to date with everything that’s going on in your chosen field, and savvy with all things digital.

If you think you are ready to start your journey of influence, follow this link to our registration platform and get started.

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