The Age of Influence: The Tandem Tribe Part 3

Over the last three years, influencer marketing has been rated as the fastest growing customer acquisition channel. It crossed the billion-dollar mark in 2016 and multiple sources predict exponential growth in 2019.

Kenya is no different, we see influencers all over the digital landscape. But the problem we face locally is a lack of big market players that specialize in the business of influence. It’s still being treated as a complementary marketing channel and not linked to direct business growth, so influencers can’t make a full-time career out of it. We’re going to change that.

Challenges for influencers when dealing with brands

Our research found that both brands and influencers find that the partnership is too manual. It requires a lot of time to manage the campaign. The e-mails, phone calls, spreadsheets and messages can be overwhelming, which makes for an inefficient and complicated work flow. By automating both matchmaking and campaign management processes, the Tandem platform will save time and money and lead to more informed decision making.

We also found that close to 70% of brands shy away from working with influencers because they consider finding the right one to be their biggest challenge. They have to scour the web looking through hundreds of profiles, trying to figure out engagement rates and whether followers were bought. To avoid this hassle, most brands rely on their immediate network of traditional media or digital agencies to suggest a list of influencers.  That’s why some influencers are overused, while others are hardly known.

What if we told you that there’s an easy way to find your perfect match without using a middleman? Or that it was as easy as browsing through a list of talented content creators and influencers and learning about their passions, audience and online engagement power?

On the Tandem platform, influencers will be able to build their personal brand by setting up a comprehensive profile. They will be classified using our formula, the 3 R’s: Reach, Relevance and Resonance. Let’s break this down.

Reach = audience size. This is the number of people who will potentially see the influencer’s content. It’s made up of the influencer’s followers plus the number of people who see the content through search results or recommendations. More reach means more opportunities for people to see the content.

Relevance = area of expertise. Most influencers are known for a particular thing, which can be anything from food to sport to travel. A brand-influencer partnership will be more effective if they are related in some way because it feels real.

Resonance = engagement rate. While a large follower base is great, it means nothing if the engagement between influencer and audience doesn’t exist. Influencers who connect with their audience in a meaningful and authentic way will be more effective in spreading brand or product awareness.

Our formula uses these three criteria to classify influencers into various categories, allowing them to continuously work on enhancing their profiles and build their visibility in the market.

The Tandem platform enables brands to work with and create with great storytellers directly, taking away the hassle of numerous calls, e-mails, messages and tedious workflows. It also allows real-time analysis of performance, and optimized engagement for greater business results.

We are building Kenya’s biggest creative community by facilitating results-orientated partnerships between brands and influencers and making the process as smooth as possible.  Eventually we want to include all Kenyan talents, even those outside the influencer marketing space. Artists, dancers, fashion designers, models, photographers… anyone with a unique set of skills will be able to use the Tandem platform to find business opportunities and grow their creative network.

Are you ready to join the Tandem Tribe?  

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